Cap or Hat We recommend you bring a cap, beanie or hat along as the burners generate radiant heat.

Dress You need to dress appropriately for the morning, keeping in mind we are in a country area. Layered clothing is best as you can shed some as the morning warms up, especially in spring and summer. Long trousers and clothing in darker colours made from natural fibres are best, as lighter colours may get dirty.

Temperature Your flight will not be any colder than it is at the launch site before take-off. The balloon flies with the wind and climbs above cooler morning surface winds so it is often warmer aloft during the flight than it is on the ground, especially after a clear night.

Footwear We recommend enclosed footwear, such as you might wear on a bush walk. Our launch and landing sites can be wet with dew or frost, or sometimes dusty or muddy. Sandals and thongs are highly discouraged, and high heeled shoes are not allowed.

Bags On board we request you minimise baggage as we are weight limited and the fewer items that you take on board the flight the more room you will have to move in the balloon basket. You are welcome to leave extra bags and items of clothing on the bus with the crew who will look after them until you land.

Cameras & Phones Cameras are most welcome as ballooning is a great photo opportunity. Phones should be set to silent and just used for photography. Large camera bags are discouraged.