Goldrush Ballooning Terms and Conditions

Important: Please ensure that all members of your party have been made aware of the following Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all flights booked and/or vouchers purchased from Goldrush Ballooning, its agents or representatives. Your acceptance of these conditions is a term of supply of the Services. By booking, re-scheduling a flight, or purchasing a voucher, you are accepting supply of the Service, and you are agreeing to be bound by these conditions. If you do not accept these conditions you should contact Goldrush Ballooning immediately and prior to accepting supply of the Service. Treat your booking or voucher as you would any other Airline ticket as our Terms and Conditions are comparable to the rest of the Aviation Industry.

1. Definitions
Service refers specifically to the hot air ballooning mentioned on this documentation and generally to the range of products offered by Goldrush Ballooning, including customised activities arranged by agreement. 

Service Operator refers to Goldrush Ballooning or any independent contractor supplying/delivering the services to you under the terms of your Agreement with Goldrush Ballooning.

2. Flight Bookings
To secure your booking, full payment is required within 48 hours of your booking with Goldrush Ballooning or by the date specified in your Booking Confirmation Letter. If payment has not been received within this time or date, Goldrush Ballooning does not guarantee that your booking is secure.

Flight bookings are valid for 12 months from the date of booking. Validity can be extended – see Condition 7.

Bookings or Vouchers can be upgraded if your original Booking or Voucher is for a flight of a lesser value, by paying the difference; for example from Mid Week to Fly Any Day. Our weekend Flight Bookings fill up quickly in advance. If you are having trouble finding a weekend availability, please try a weekday date.

3. Liability
Under no circumstances will Goldrush Ballooning be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost or damaged property, lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment.

Goldrush Ballooning may arrange for the hot air ballooning to be performed under a code-sharing arrangement, i.e. it may subcontract another ballooning company to provide you with your flight. In such instances, Goldrush Ballooning accepts no liability in connection with such services or for any loss, injury, or damage to or in respect of any person or property. Goldrush Ballooning reserves the right to alter contents of products and location when deemed necessary. Goldrush Ballooning does however warrant providing services of equal nature and value.

4. Alterations, Rescheduling, and Cancellations
Should you need to reschedule or cancel your flight booking, fees and conditions apply. Goldrush Ballooning must be notified by telephone or email of any alteration, reschedule or cancellation request.

More than 7 days before the flight departure - A flight may be rescheduled without fees. Cancellations will be charged a fee of $50 per passenger with the balance of the booking refunded. Note; Gift Vouchers and Discounted Bookings are non-refundable.
Between 4 and 7 days before the flight departure - A reschedule fee of $50 per person will apply to any flight rescheduled. Bookings cancelled within 7 days of the flight departure incur a 100% cancellation fee of the booking price (i.e. are not refundable).
Within 72 hours of the flight departure - No alterations, reschedules or cancellations are permitted. We recommend that passengers arrange their own insurance provisions in case of unforeseen circumstances including being unable to fly due to illness. Please note tickets are transferable – see conditions below.
Failure to Show - “NO SHOWS” will not be refunded or rescheduled - Under no circumstances will flights be refunded or rescheduled if passengers cancel or do not turn up on the morning of the scheduled flight at the appointed time. You will not be eligible for any refund in part or in full, and may not reschedule your booking to another date. 

Ticket Transfer - All tickets are transferable to other individuals. Goldrush Ballooning must be notified by telephone or email of any transfer prior to the flight date, detailing the replacement passenger’s full name, phone number, email address and weight. If within 72 hours of the flight they must be of similar or lesser weight to you.

Please note;
•    You cannot receive a refund on any flights booked with a Gift Voucher or Gift Card (refer Condition 5).
•    Goldrush Ballooning will not refund tickets on the basis of a “change of mind” decision, whether prior to the first attempted flight or following multiple cancellations due to inclement weather.
•    Separate cancellation and alteration provisions apply to large groups and customised events. 
•    Goldrush Ballooning reserves the right to amend these fees and notice periods. When special circumstances arise, some of these Terms and Conditions may be superseded by those published on your booking confirmation documentation.

Agent Bookings; Bookings made via an agent or 3rd party may be subject to terms and conditions separate to those of Goldrush Ballooning. You are advised to determine if these conditions are acceptable before arranging a booking via an agent.

5. Gift Vouchers
•    Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
•    Gift Vouchers are non-refundable cannot be redeemed for cash in part or in full. 
•    Gift Vouchers are transferable to other individuals, however only remain valid for 12 months from the original date of purchase. 
•    Once a Gift Voucher has been redeemed (i.e. the trip date has been booked) all other terms relating to Alteration and Cancellation (Condition 4) apply, however the value remains non-refundable.
•    Should you need to extend the validity of your Gift Vouchers beyond the normal 12 months, reinstatement fees apply: 6 month extension - $50 per person; 12 month extension - $100 per person. Reinstatement fees are non-refundable.

6. Discounted Bookings
All tickets purchased at a discount to the full retail price are non-refundable.

Any discounts or special offers are only available on the full recommended retail price and are not valid in conjunction with any pre-existing discounts or seasonal specials. Any discounts or coupons need to be presented at the time of booking. No amount will be refunded if a discount / coupon is presented after the time of booking.
All Alteration / Reschedule / Cancellation terms (Condition 4) still apply, however the value remains non-refundable.

7. Rebooking Your Flight
If your flight does not proceed due to inclement weather, please contact our office as soon as possible to rebook. We will hold your payment in credit for a flight anytime in the initial twelve month validity period. Refunds will not be given for Flight Bookings held on our system for longer than 6 months.

Should you need to extend the validity of your booking beyond the normal 12 months, reinstatement fees apply: 6 month extension - $50 per person; 12 month extension - $100 per person. Reinstatement fees are non-refundable.

8. Weather, Mechanical, Staffing, Safety & Other Conditions
Hot air ballooning relies on suitable weather conditions in order to proceed safely. Wind direction, wind speed, lack of wind and other variables such as rain, low cloud and / or fog may require us to cancel a flight. Additionally, flights may depend on mechanical performance or staffing availability. When conditions are deemed by Goldrush Ballooning to be unsuitable or unsafe to proceed, flights may not go ahead on the scheduled date. Similarly a Service may be postponed due to less than minimum passengers numbers being achieved. 

In the unfortunate event that a Service must be delayed, postponed, rescheduled or cancelled due to any of the above factors, Goldrush Ballooning will hold payment in credit and offer alternative booking dates. Any request for refund will be treated as per cancellation terms listed in Section 4 above. 

Goldrush Ballooning will not accept any liability for travel, accommodation, inconvenience or other costs incurred or lost through such cancellation. International, interstate and country visitors should factor the possibility of short notice cancellation into their plans. Weather conditions can also affect the duration and route of all flights in all locations. Goldrush Ballooning endeavours to give each passenger the best ballooning experience possible subject to the daily wind, weather conditions and safety considerations.

9. Your Responsibilities
Confirmation Details & Check In - It is your responsibility to ensure you have received the written booking confirmation details of your flight, and that the details are correct. Please notify the Goldrush Ballooning office immediately and prior to your flight date if you do not have this information. You are also required to follow the check-in procedure outlined in the information we forward to you. If you do not follow the check-in procedure (usually a call to our duty pilot after 6:00pm the night before your flight) Goldrush Ballooning cannot be held liable for any consequences.

Pilot & Crew Instructions - In the interests of safety, you undertake to follow the instructions and advice of the pilot and ground crew, comply with any local codes of conduct and act sensibly and prudently at all times. You also agree to indemnify Goldrush Ballooning, its owners, officers and employees for all losses and/or damage arising from any act or default on your part or the part of a member of your party. Under no circumstances at any time during supply of the Services should you or a member of your party be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor should you take medication that could affect or impair your judgment at this time.

Medical Conditions - Check with your medical practitioner if you have a pre-existing medical condition that may be affected by the physical nature of hot air ballooning. You agree to indemnify Goldrush Ballooning, its owners, officers and employees against any incident related to your health occurring during or after supply of the Services.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to disclose if they or any member of their group is pregnant at least 7 days prior to the scheduled flight date. Goldrush Ballooning will not knowingly fly any person who is pregnant. The expiry dates on the tickets of any pregnant passengers and any others on their booking will be automatically extended – for any clarification about expiration dates passengers should contact the Goldrush Ballooning office. In the instance of a pregnant woman flying inadvertently, they fly at their own risk.

Personal Belongings - All personal belongings such as cameras, phones or other such valuables are carried at your own risk. Ballooning is an outdoor adventure activity, and Goldrush Ballooning cannot be held liable for damage to any clothing or attire.

10. Boarding Restrictions
•    Children should be 7 years or older. Children must be able to see over the edge of the basket (1.3m) unaided by object or person. They must be accompanied by a paying adult.
•    Dangerous Goods cannot be carried on board.
•    Goldrush Ballooning cannot fly physically disabled/handicapped passengers without obtaining written permission from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority at an additional cost. Contact us for details.
•    Flying after Diving: Passengers are not permitted to fly within 24 hours of completing a single no decompression dive, within 48 hours of a series of decompression dives or within 7 days of any dives requiring decompression or any technical (mixed gas) dives.

11. Third Party Bookings
Our terms and conditions apply to passengers who book directly with Goldrush Ballooning. Any bookings made through a third party agent must also adhere to the third party terms and conditions.

Goldrush Ballooning Pty Ltd  April 2016

Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice.