We meet before daybreak to enable us to fly in the perfect conditions around sunrise. Our expert pilot and crew will keep you informed throughout, and invite you to participate should you wish.

After guest registration at our meeting place, we'll invite you to take a seat on our 4WD Mercedes Sprinter minibus for a short trip to the favoured launch site which your pilot chooses according to the morning's weather conditions and flight plan.

It takes about thirty minutes to rig and inflate your balloon, and once ready you'll be invited to climb aboard.  A full passenger safety briefing is given before take off.

As we fly away from the launch field we watch the world wake up and the landscape unfold below us. Your pilot will climb gently to altitude, cruising with the wind to take in the most magnificent perspective of the High Country.

After the flight, which lasts around an hour, your pilot will land. Once packed up we make the short return trip by bus to our meeting venue. Here we celebrate with a delicious champagne breakfast, share memories and enjoy friendships. The whole experience lasts around 3 - 4 hours.